Understanding Your Own Reasons For Homeschooling

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Making the Decision to Homeschool: Think, Reflect, and Choose Wisely

The question, “Why did you decide to homeschool?” is probably the one I have been asked the most since we began this journey. And of course, it’s not a simple answer. I could make a list of a thousand reasons why a family chooses to homeschool, and I would be missing a thousand more.

Exploring Personal Motivations for Homeschooling

Homeschooling is a very personal choice and no two families do it for the same reasons. So, if you are trying to make a decision about homeschooling, my suggestion would be to really think about why you are considering it. This is kind of a big thing, so give it the time and focus that it deserves. Maybe brainstorm it with your spouse or a friend who is supportive. Or jot things down as they come to you. If you are finding it tricky to come up with reasons to do something that you are unfamiliar with, think about what you are trying to avoid instead. Sometimes understanding what we DON’T want can help us realize what we DO want. Your reasons don’t all have to be grand, or deeply profound.

Identifying the Little Perks of Homeschooling

They can include things that might seem ridiculous, like not having to get up early to put your child on the school bus at ten after seven.

Or not having to pack a lunch every day.

Because the truth is, these are some of the little things that are great about homeschooling.

Of course, if those are your ONLY reasons for wanting to homeschool, well, you may want to reevaluate. But there’s no denying that little perks like that are still worth mentioning.

As you come up with your list, copy it down in a way that will allow you to absorb it and internalize it. I’m a pen and paper kind of person, so I prefer to make an actual list, something that I can hold in my hand. if you prefer to type it out and store it on a device, do that. Whatever way you copy it down, just make sure that it is easily accessible to you. Don’t print it out and put it in one of those ‘safe’ places that you instantly forget about. Put it somewhere where you can look at it often. Because no matter where you are on your homeschooling journey, whether you are making the decision, or are just getting started, or have been doing it for a few years, there will be rough patches along the way.

Recalling Your Homeschooling Whys During Challenges

There will be times when you question your decision. You will wonder if you’ve made the right choice. You may be getting pushback from family members or friends, or even your kids! In those moments, reach for your list. Sit down with it. Go over it again and again. Remind yourself why it was so important for you to do this in the first place. If those reasons still resonate with you, you will likely feel much more settled and confident going forward, once you have spent time reminding yourself why.

Evolving Reasons for Homeschooling Over Time

Also keep in mind that the reasons you get started will be very different from the reasons you continue year after year. I know for our family, there were three main factors that convinced us to try homeschooling. And even though they aren’t applicable today in the same way they were then, I still keep them on my list. They formed the foundation of our choice, and when I’m really struggling, I find it helpful to get back to the basics. I’ve found that I rarely remove a reason from my list unless it truly doesn’t apply anymore. I’m more likely to add new reasons for why we continue, because as we go along, we find more and more reasons why homeschooling works for us.
Reminder: The views and opinions expressed here are those of a veteran homeschool mom and are not to be considered expert advice. If what you read here resonates with you, great! We hope you can use it going forward. If you have different opinions, or you disagree with what is written here, we hope you can still use these words as a starting point, to help you establish your own perspectives.