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The most common questions that people ask when they are looking into homeschooling their children are:
How does it work?
How to get started?
Finding the answers to these questions can be challenging
and overwhelming. But there is help: Homeschool Marketplace!
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You Don’t Have to Navigate the World of Alternative Education on Your Own.

Homeschool Marketplace will:
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Help you understand how homeschooling in Alberta works 

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Help you decide if homeschooling is right for you and your family

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Help you determine which homeschooling approach will suit you and direct you towards school boards who support that approach

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Help you find and connect with other homeschool families in your area

It’s important that you feel confident in your decision to homeschool your children and
Homeschool Marketplace will help you get there.

Securing and Selling Resources is About to Become Easier for Homeschool Parents

Currently, buying and selling used resources can be inefficient and frustrating.
Homeschool Marketplace will offer a better way.
Have items or services to sell or advertise?
Searching for used resources to buy?
While you’re waiting for the marketplace to go live, join the waitlist now so
you don’t miss a single announcement.

Don’t Settle For “Help” That Only Meets Some of Your Needs.

Homeschool Marketplace strives to meet all of your needs by providing you with:

A trusted resource. Whether you’re an experienced homeschool parent or you are just getting started, finding trusted resources is key. We’ll do everything we can to provide you with the tools you need to get started, be confident in your choice and find success along the way.

A simple way to buy and sell used materials. Find used curriculum and learning materials, and rehome your used resources in one location.

Support and guidance. Connect with school boards and other homeschool families in your area. When you join the Homeschool Marketplace community, you’re joining the ranks of other homeschool parents who want what you want: to provide an amazing learning experience for you and your family.

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Introducing Homeschool Marketplace, a website for homeschool families at all stages of the journey!

Coming soon will be a section full of information to help potential homeschoolers decide if homeschooling is right for them, and to help new homeschoolers get started.

Launching at a later date will be an online buy and sell section, where used curriculum and resources, music lessons, tutoring and workshops can be advertised. 

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